Asset managers are currently operating in difficult financial market conditions, facing greater pressure to meet investors’ and partners’ expectations. B4Finance allows Asset Managers to focus on what they are the best at by making the AML/KYC process smarter and cheaper.


Asset Managers face a double challenge of generating solid returns while ensuring compliance with AML/KYC frameworks

Asset managers waste ressources trying to contact investors, performing checks, and rectifying errors while often missing the opportunity to capitalize on the potential of data

Manual processes create significant obstacles to improved forecasting and compliance:

  • Paper onboarding
  • Inefficient reporting to the regulators
  • Difficulty performing KYC and AML risk assessments
  • Outdated excel files and reviewing processes


Using our white-label platform empowers asset managers to digitize onboarding process and oversee fully automated KYC and AML requirements across different juridictions and multiple regulatory frameworks.

  • Enabling managers to link investors to funds
  • Easy data extraction to perform business intelligence analysis
  • Easy planning of KYC reviews

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B4 Diligence

Efficient AML/KYC onboarding due diligence and automated perpetual monitoring.

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B4 Distributor

Provide distributors with real-time portfolio data while keeping them updated about your business and financial offerings.

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