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BlackHeath CM

Blackheath Capital Management is an Investment Management company providing a highly curated set of investment strategies, regulatory hosting and advisory services to the financial services industry.

The company provides management of investment funds, MiFiD, UCITS and AIFMD regulatory regimes and associated corporate governance and compliance requirements such as Money Laundering and Financial Promotion.

  • Industry

    Service Provider
  • Product

    B4Management, B4Diligence, B4Fundraising


Blackheath Capital Management provides regulatory umbrella services to Appointed Representatives and manages UCITS and offshore funds. In December 2021, the FCA published a new proposition paper to strengthen the AR and Principal Regime. They ask for stronger requirements on oversight of the AR. In the context of constantly evolving regulations, principals have more obligations to supervise their ARs.

In order to grow their business and services, they wanted to upgrade their services to their clients and provide them with an end-to-end solution that streamlines their compliance processes and enables them to collaborate securely.

Blackheath was looking for an all-in-one solution for investor onboarding and Anti-Money Laundry risk assessment for both their own investors and those of their Appointed Representatives. as well as monitotiring the propection contaction.

Blackheath Capital’s target investor group are typically institutional investors and per se professionals


Value Delivered

Following Blackheath needs, B4Finance proposed to use the following products:

B4 Management:
– Appointed Representatives Onboarding
– AML Risk scoring – automated risk assessment
– Multi-level Management:

B4 Diligence:
– Digitising investors onboarding procedures
– Performing KYC checks on investors and prospects
– Performing AML and CFT checks on investors and prospects using our integrated screening service
– Investors classification and appropriateness

As a result of using these modules Blackheath is able to perform:

  • Faster Investors onboarding
  • Better Investors’ experience for prospective clients
  • Reduce errors on AML checks
  • Automated controls on clients files
  • Additional oversight of AR prospects
  • Enhance the AR experience
  • Integration of onboarding systems


  • Better Appointed Representatives’ experience
  • Reduced errors on AML oversight
  • Automated controls fastering the approval process

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Our clients' testimonials

We have set up B4 Fundraising in 5 days and were able to digitise the process from A to Z. The Support Team has shown professionalism and expertise, we are very happy about B4Finance !

B & Capital

Bernard Arock, General Councel

We are happy with B4 solutions. Since our first fundraising we have developed a real partnership with B4Finance. Second fund has started in 2022 with bigger objectives!


Édouard Villier, COO

Partnering with B4Finance helped us simplify a mandatory duty as the AML/KYC process by its digitalization. The API of Factiva Dow Jones is “a must” as well as the automated risk scoring.

Inpulse IM

Clément André, Investment Officer

We digitally reviewed the KYC information of 13.000 end clients through B4Finance platform, used by 1.100 Financial Advisors for this occasion. The objective of KYC update has been achieved in 12 months.


Laurent Ovion, Director of Innovations

Thanks to B4 Diligence and B4 Fundraising modules, we digitised daily tasks regarding online subscription to our funds. We appreciate the tool’s capability to plug through API to our internal softwares.

Siparex Group

Gery Cavrois, Head of Investors Relations and Middle Office

Trusted by 70 Clients in 6 Countries

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