Due Diligence

Make your workflow digital

Our flexible and custom system allows you to fit your needs

while complying with regulations

Two Risk Scoring

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Customise a risk scoring for each type of counterparts. European and local criterias are available, you define their weight in the final scoring. Get alerted when an individual or a UBO appears on different screening lists (PEP, Sanctions, Adverse Medias...)

Suitability (SRRI)

Customise risk profiling for your clients and verify the suitability with the investment vehicles or mandates you propose. You can custom alerts for some blocking answers etc.


Faster review

8 minutes per approval

Automation of control processes

Intelligent alerts

Regulatory watch

Successfully audited by regulators

Collect Info


Collect the KYC data in a state of the art white-label interface designed for the investment industry. We manage direct and intermediated relationships.
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Customisable risk scorings assist you in the Due Diligence. The alert system helps you performing the ongoing due diligence.



Your contracts are generated in seconds, you can send them for e-signature.
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