Over the past decades the European Pivate Equity sector developed strongly both in terms of deal value and number of deals . Currently, Private Equity firms navigate challenging market conditions including inflation, energy crisis and supply chain bottlenecks., The key to staying competitive is by focusing on what GPs are the best at and by digitizing non-core processes


Fundraising for one or more funds can be a frustrating experience for investment firms, unless they digitize both the fundraising and due diligence. Integrating digital tools generate a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and KYC compliance.

Fundraising for a retail fund can be hard if you are dealing with a large number of investors or using a distribution network, generating a paperwork overload.

The main challenges fund managers face include:

  • Paper-based forms create safety issues and administrative overload
  • Investors expect digital onboarding
  • Complex due diligence
  • High volume to handle


In today’s high-paced world, onboarding needs to be quick, effortless, and secure. Our suite of digital tools offers all that and more:

  • Centralized fund operations
  • Reduce data-entry errors
  • Compliance with MiFID requirements
  • Structured investor data
  • Automated investor profiling/categorization
  • Enhanced investor experience
  • Paperless process
  • Time-saving

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B4 Diligence

Efficient AML/KYC onboarding due diligence and automated perpetual monitoring.

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B4 Distributor

Provide distributors with real-time portfolio data while keeping them updated about your business and financial offerings.

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B4 Fundraising

Streamline your fundraising process and offer a seamless investor experience, enabling a clear and trackable communication with all parties.

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B4 Portal

Monitoring investment performance and key metrics through a mobile app that allows investors to update data.

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