Management companies, fund administrators, principals, and lawyers provide a range of services that require due diligence or involve fundraising.

Proposing a scalable offer is the key to gaining a market share and a competitive advantage. Yet, in a heavily regulated market, KYC and AML requirements are cumbersome to comply with using manual processes.

Also, multiple actors are involved in onboarding and ongoing due diligence, including general partners, principals, appointed representatives, and fund managers, making reviewing and monitoring both time-consuming and complex.

Companies big and small must continuously evolve and adapt to maintain a market share and relevance. In a technology-driven world where stakeholders expect digital options, going digital is the key to growth and a more sustainable business approach.


  • Lack of global oversight
  • Multiple workflows
  • Painful and time-consuming processes

– Many actors believe their process is unique, and there are no better solutions in place that are flexible and efficient.

– Many entry players adopt manual and paper-based systems not knowing there are digital alternatives

– Average players often get involved in IT projects with specs, development, and testing costing them time and money without delivering any benefits.


A digital investment tool designed to onboard limited partners and appointed representatives and comply with due diligence requirements (AML&KYC). The user-friendly interface presents data in an accessible and easy-to-read format, enabling fund administrators, management companies, and service providers to optimize and speed up the closing of funding rounds.

By providing appointed representatives access to a digital platform, principals ensure full FCA compliance and a greatly improved customer experience.

  • Intuitive design
  • Zero paper
  • Centralized fund operations
  • Automated controls for completeness

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