Our B4 Distributor platform is an all-in-one solution to improve efficiency and the services you deliver to end investors and financial advisors.

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Key Features

Distributor Portal

A modular dashboard for performance monitoring, offering real–time information about capital contributions, fees and retrocession fees, average basket, and top sales rankings.

Legal Contracts Online

Digitally sign distribution agreements and amended and restated agreements, reducing manual processes, improving security, and lowering risk costs.

News Feed

A news feed to keep distributors updated about your business and suite of financial products. Engage distributors on your own terms.

Contract Management

Using our digital document management platform ensures all contracts are under control.

Automate your contract process, sign distributor agreements and amendments electronically, and market your products through B4 Fundraising. Once the distributor agreement is signed, portfolio products are automatically available to be sold through our platform.

Designed in partnership with distributors and investment firms, the B4 Distributor simplifies contracting, giving you more time to focus on your strategy and narrative.

API Integrations

Community Engagement

A community engagement tool with a news feed to keep distributors informed, showcasing your products and catalog.

An added functionality allows you to offer distributors to book an online training or Q&A session about a specific product they are interested in.

You can connect and engage with clients on the go, on the ground or in the air, building relationships centered around transparency and trust. By keeping clients updated you can tap into their capital and resources, encouraging them to sell your funds.

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