How to streamline a fundraising from A to Z ?
An end-to-end solution for Alternative Investment Funds, to speed up subscription and closing processes.

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Key Benefits

Improved Investor Experience

Make it simple for investors to fill out their subscription documents and share information safely & securely.

Boost Your Fundraising

Raise more funds by focusing on what matters, our platform takes care of the rest.

Track Commercial Performance

Live tracking of your subscriptions statuses per fund and per user

Online Subscription

We designed the most intuitive subscription funnel.
Dynamic forms and requirements according to the types of funds, investors and acquisition model.


  • Direct Subscription: Financial institutions or HNWI invest directly in the best performing alternative funds thanks to our funnel.
    Dynamic forms help them fulfil all the KYC, MIF, and investment requirements, automatically verifying their ability to invest.
    Average subscription: 13 minutes


  • Intermediated Subscription: Retail investors can invest through their financial advisors , 1,400+ of them are currently using our tool. Automatic controls ensure they meet all qualification requirements.
    Average subscription: 5 minutes

Integrated e-IDAS signature allows investors to sign digitally or on-site

API Integrations


Check the live status of subscriptions on the dashboard and perform actions to speed up the closing process. There are multiple validation workflows available to ensure our clients comply with their internal policy.


Once the subscription documents are signed and validated, a third party actor (Depositary Bank, Fund Administrator) can retrieve and access investor data in the format they need, including documents and static data.

The ISO 20022 direct debit feature enables cash transfers to the fund’s bank account. Investors may choose the direct debit option and sign a SEPA mandate together with their subscription documents and once they are validated, the money is transferred to the fund’s bank account within 3 business days.

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