A fully digitalized client and investor lifecycle experience for service providers, transforming manual compliance processes into user-friendly, automated end-to-end workflows.

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Key Features

Multi-Level Overview

A dashboard to quickly access status updates and monitor onboardings, take corrective action where needed, and move the process forward.

Workflow Management

Manage multiple clients and workflows across jurisdictions through a single, centralized platform.

Multi-Jurisdictional Regulatory Management

Review investors across multiple jurisdictions against our daily updated database of sanctions, PEP lists and adverse media data.

Workflow Management

B4 Management streamlines communication between fund managers and investors and between employees to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our integrated platform provides real-time oversight, validation, and reporting to ensure high standards of regulatory compliance. You build trust and confidence by fully meeting compliance requirements and giving clients access to an end-to-end platform.

API Integrations

Regulatory Management

Within B4 Management , Services Providers such as Fund administrators and Principal firms can securely communicate with their GPs, Appointed Representatives and clients.

  • Review investors against the Global Sanction List, Foreign Official/Publicly Exposed Person List, Global Enforcement List and Global Adverse Media List
  • Advise on investor eligibility and performing enhanced due diligence on specific investors
  • Communicate securely with investors and clients
  • Review subscription documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Obtain the required verification information from the investor via a secure interface
  • Deliver status reports to the fund manager on a regular basis
  • Store investor documents in a secure location
  • Perform investor monitoring in accordance with the policies of the fund

Recommended For

Fund Administrators

Communicate with GPs, ARs, and clients and ensure compliance with the fund’s policies, stated investment objectives, and strategies.

Principals and AR

Seamlessly communicate with service providers and fund managers and access risk assessments of investors, investments, and transactions.

Service Providers

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