A white label desktop and mobile app enabling investors in alternative funds to keep an eye on their investments.

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Key Features

Portfolio Value & ROI

Monitor portfolio value and ROI to track the amount of return your investment generates over time.

Investment Data

Quickly and conveniently access investment data and documents, including subscription forms, share price, and more.

Document Sharing

An easy-to-use sharing feature for asset managers, enabling them to share key information documents and capital calls.

White Label

A white-label app with a modern interface available on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Easy to install and use, our app gives investors secure access to key information documents, including ongoing and one-off costs, investment scenarios, and more.

Investors also gain full access to their basic KYC information and can update it whenever changes occur. They are also able to track investment performance and progress via an interactive dashboard.

Communicate With Investors

A true digital communication platform that connects funds with investors, enabling managers to deliver updates to client accounts.

Create a direct line to investors and communicate effectively, cutting all fake news and noise. Market and advertise your funds and portfolios, and showcase your financial skills and acumen to a broader investor audience.

Share key information documents with ease, increase visibility, and strengthen relationships with investors. Build trust in markets and business with our app, keeping stakeholders updated.

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