Make the contracting process seamless and frictionless. Determine the risk appetite and tolerance of investors before recommending specific strategies and products.

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Key Features

Customizable Risk Profiling

Determine each client’s risk preference and investment goals and create a risk profile matched to specific asset diversification strategies.

Seamless User Experience

Communicate with high-net-worth individuals, families, and companies in a variety of ways (tablets, onsite signatures), providing support in their engagement.

Sign Contracts Digitally

Collect signatures online quickly and securely and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

Fully Automated

Determine the risk profiles of investors and the optimal levels of investment risk for each client.

Assign clients to standard risk categories (conservative, moderate, or dynamic) based on our investor profile questionnaire. Investors answer questions about their experience, risk tolerance, objectives, and income sources to help determine their comfort with investment risk.

The platform then generates a mandate for the fund manager, with clear instructions on how to manage the specific investment portfolio.

API Integrations

High Quality

Wealth Management services are high quality services for HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals), families or companies, requiring their Wealth Manager to offer flexible digital tools to communicate.

We adapted our solutions to suit distant and physical meetings (tablets, on-site signatures…).

Our aim is not replace the “Intuitu Personae” relationship between Wealth Managers and their clients, but to provide a flexible tool to improve their services and spend more time on what matters in the relationship.

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