One long-term challenge the wealth management industry is faced with is serving clients with inherited wealth. Having grown up in a tech-laden world, Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X groups expect digital advice and financial services. As young high-net-worth individuals are going digital, wealth managers need to adapt with them, serving them in a disruptive environment. They should be able to take care of next-gen and current clients’ financial goals, offering distinctive services.


Offering a solution that serves next generation and current customers and their different preferences and expectations. Older generations prefer one-on-one communication while younger customers expect digitally-enabled client interactions. For wealth managers, the challenge is to complement traditional wealth planning with digital-first services geared towards younger customers.

Key issues that need the attention of wealth managers are:

  • Old school brand image and processes
  • Too much time spent on risk profiling
  • AML requirements
  • Marketing digital solutions to older customers


Integrating AI and automation, our digital solution caters to the needs of younger high-net-worth customers who demand secure, flexible, and simple ways to manage their money. Digitizing your offerings and KYC compliance reduces the time spent on regulatory checks by 70 percent.


B4 Diligence

Efficient AML/KYC onboarding due diligence and automated perpetual monitoring.

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B4 Wealth

Determine the risk tolerance and investment goals of clients and save them time and money with digital contracting.

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