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Accelerate the investment process through smart compliance

A suite of digital solutions for AML/KYC and fundraising offering a streamlined investment journey, today.

We are the digital partner of Financial Institutions who want to gain a competitive advantage using the best market practices.

We are empowering over 70 Financial Institutions.


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Our Solutions

Discover our one-stop shop that makes your processes quick, frictionless and compliant.

B4 Diligence

Efficient AML/KYC onboarding due diligence and automated perpetual monitoring.

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B4 Distributor

Provide distributors with real-time portfolio data while keeping them updated about your business and financial offerings.

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B4 Fundraising

Streamline your fundraising process and offer a seamless investor experience, enabling a clear and trackable communication with all parties.

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B4 Management

Get a 360 view of all your partners including GPs, ARs, and fund managers.

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B4 Portal

Monitoring investment performance and key metrics through a mobile app that allows investors to update data.

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B4 Wealth

Determine the risk tolerance and investment goals of clients and save them time and money with digital contracting.

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API Ecosystem

Your white-label solution customised in 48 hours

We offer the best set up experience on the market. Our objective is for you to capitalise on our expertise and to start improving your processes today.

  • 48 hour set up to customise and improve your processes with the market best practices. 
  • Data Migration Services so you can get back to work exactly where you stopped the day before.
  • Smooth API connection for an efficient integration with your existing systems
  • Dedicated support team from 9am to 7pm CEST


Our clients' testimonials

We have set up B4 Fundraising in 5 days and were able to digitise the process from A to Z. The Support Team has shown professionalism and expertise, we are very happy about B4Finance !

B & Capital

Bernard Arock, General Councel

We are happy with B4 solutions. Since our first fundraising we have developed a real partnership with B4Finance. Second fund has started in 2022 with bigger objectives!


Édouard Villier, COO

Partnering with B4Finance helped us simplify a mandatory duty as the AML/KYC process by its digitalization. The API of Factiva Dow Jones is “a must” as well as the automated risk scoring.

Inpulse IM

Clément André, Investment Officer

We digitally reviewed the KYC information of 13.000 end clients through B4Finance platform, used by 1.100 Financial Advisors for this occasion. The objective of KYC update has been achieved in 12 months.


Laurent Ovion, Director of Innovations

Thanks to B4 Diligence and B4 Fundraising modules, we digitised daily tasks regarding online subscription to our funds. We appreciate the tool’s capability to plug through API to our internal softwares.

Siparex Group

Gery Cavrois, Head of Investors Relations and Middle Office

Trusted by 70 Clients in 6 Countries

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